2024 E-Z-GO Express L6 Gas


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2024 ezgo golf cart

2024 ezgo golf cart

Condition: New
Year: 2024
Make: E-Z-GO
Model: Express
Power Type: Gas
Seating Capacity: 6 Passenger

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E-Z-GO is one of the largest golf cart brands in the U.S. that manufactures electric and gas-powered golf carts. Since the first golf cart’s manufacturing in the 1950s, E-Z-GO golf carts have found more applications outside of golf courses. Today, these golf carts are used for various transportation needs, including Personal Transportation (Freedom TXT and Freedom RXV models), Street-Legal Transportation (2Five model), the movement of goods around the farm (E-Z-GO’s Cushman line of Utility Vehicles), hunting in the woods (the E-Z-GO Express Series), security patrols (2Five), and even campground touring (E-Z-GO Express Series).

E-Z-GO’s Freedom RXV ELiTE

E-Z-GO golf carts were among the first to introduce Lithium-Ion technology (seen in their Freedom RXV ELiTE and Freedom TXT ELiTE models) which, as we have seen over the last few years, is becoming more and more popular in the golf cart industry.

E-Z-GO’s Gas Golf Carts

As far as E-Z-GO’s gas-lineup goes, these golf carts boast a substantial amount of torque and are therefore great if you intend to use them for hauling or transporting items around your property. They are also suited to use in hilly conditions due to the added torque. If recharging batteries doesn’t sound convenient to you, E-Z-GO gas golf carts are a great pick too.

E-Z-GO Electric Golf Carts

How about the electric E-Z-GO golf carts? Are they any different from their gas-powered counterparts? Absolutely. Their power sources form the main difference between them. While gas golf carts run on combustion engines, electric golf carts are powered by rechargeable battery cells.

It’s safe to say that E-Z-GO electric golf carts are admirable for their environmental friendliness since they don’t emit any harmful gases. They also utilize an AC system – more admirable over a DC system due to their ability to sustain power no matter the terrain. Their operational costs are also pretty low, as a single charge for your electric golf cart is enough to last 15-25 miles, depending on the golf cart’s battery capacity and also use-type. These carts are also quiet and are therefore useful where noise levels should be at the lowest (security patrols and running horse farms).

Maintaining your E-Z-GO Golf Cart

You obviously want your E-Z-GO golf cart to be at its best, and the only way to maintain this is by doing proper maintenance. So, how do you go about the maintenance of your E-Z-GO electric golf cart? Here are some of the essential practices you should stick to:

Charge the batteries regularly. Keeping your golf cart plugged in whenever you are not using it ensures that the batteries are fully charged for the next use.
Check the water levels of the batteries. Depending on the use, you will have to do this every 1-3 months. If there is a need to refill the battery cells, only do so after charging the golf cart. Add distilled water to about 1/4 – 1/2 inch above the battery plates to avoid acid accumulation on the batteries’ tops.
Keep the batteries clean. Get rid of any dirt, corrosion, grass, and keep the connections tightly connected. The easiest way to clean is by using a baking soda solution.
Fill up the tires whenever they are low on air.
Check for any oil leaks.
For E-Z-GO gas golf carts, be sure to use only unleaded fuel. Also, keep the gas tank cap secured tightly after each refill.
Check and change the engine oil, if necessary.
Wash the engine compartment and underside regularly.
Check the brakes and wheel alignment at least once every year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any options similar to E-Z-GO golf carts, but for older Yamaha models?
If you’re interested in exploring options beyond E-Z-GO golf carts and are specifically looking for old Yamaha golf carts, our website features a range of dealers offering a variety of golf carts, including old Yamaha golf carts. You can find these classic models and more in the listings provided by our trusted dealers. While we don’t sell golf carts directly, we connect you with reputable Yamaha golf cart dealers who specialize in different makes and models, ensuring you have access to a diverse selection to meet your preferences.

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