2023 Yamaha Golf Car Drive2 – PTV Quietech EFI


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2023 Yamaha Golf Cart

2023 Yamaha Golf Cart

Condition: New
Year: 2023
Make: Yamaha
Model: Drive2
Power Type: Gas

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Whether you are in the market for a golf cart to use while playing golf, cruising the neighborhood/community, or working around the farm/house, Yamaha offers various models from which you can choose.

Since the manufacturing of their first golf cart in 1975, Yamaha has made tremendous improvements to their golf carts and have gained a large prominence in the golf industry to show for it. The YG-292 model golf car was a powerful unit that served as a bedrock for future improvements. Today, Yamaha has employed various technologies for their golf carts to deliver quality, functionality, durability, and eco-friendly designs.

Going by the powering modes, Yamaha offers both gas golf carts and electric golf carts. Let’s dive into each type and find out their features.

Yamaha Gas Golf Carts

The earliest Yamaha golf cart was powered by a powerful 2-stroke engine that was compact, lightweight and gave considerable exhaust emissions and noise. The latest models run on 4-stroke engines that promise even better performance.

Yamaha’s Quietech EFI technology presents gas golf carts that are almost as quiet as their electric counterparts. This tech boasts the lowest decibel levels among gas golf carts. Other features that characterize Yamaha gasoline golf carts based on the Quietech EFI technology include:

45 MPG, which is 12.8% more miles to the gallon over other gas golf carts.
Unmatched fuel economy with the Accu-fuel delivery system.
Fewest emissions, therefore releasing, 76% fewer pollutants than other gas golf carts.
Electric Yamaha Golf Carts
Yamaha has long employed the PowerTech AC electric solution to produce high-performance electric golf carts. Features that characterize Yamaha electric golf carts include:

Two battery options: New Motive T-875 AGM and Motive T-875 FLA for guaranteed top performance.
Toyota Industries-built motor controller unit.
Smooth acceleration when climbing.
Delta-Q charger for prolonged battery life and performance.
A common feature among gas and electric Yamaha golf carts is the Independent Rear Suspension (IRS). This feature offers premium shock absorption and increased stability due to weight balance. All Yamaha golf carts also include an independent front suspension for a smooth and luxurious ride.

Yamaha golf carts are also customizable, and some of the accessories that give users a personalized and better experience include:

Touring seats
Sun tops
Front fender flare kits
Custom lighting
Off-board tow system
Beverage holders
Maintenance to Consider with Yamaha Golf Carts
While gas and electric golf carts may differ in their maintenance needs, they often share common service requirements. Some maintenance tips for Yamaha golf carts include:

Proper charging of batteries after every use.
Clean batteries of any battery corrosion and acid droplets.
Fill the battery cells with water (1/2” above the plates and 1/4” below the vent) after charging.
Check the tire pressure level at correct it to the recommended level.
Inspect the brake shoes, hydraulic brake fluid, and cables at least twice a year.
Check and change the engine oil at proper intervals.
Clean or replace the oil filter.
Check for oil accumulation at the rear axle shaft, as it could help indicate a more serious problem.

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